Summer Camp for Kids

kids summer camps

Find a summer camp for kids that will pull your children away from their technology and boredom while  providing opportunities to keep their bodies and minds active.

For those interested in learning new skills or improving their existing ones, kids summer camps can be a great investment in your child’s future.

Here are some great summer camp ideas with an emphasis on sports and physical activity: 

These top-notch camps offer a variety of productive, challenging, and fun activities for kids of all ages, interests, and skill levels.

We're adding to this list of regularly. If you have a camp you would like to have listed, contact us. If it looks like a good fit for our readers, we'll post it. 

Youth summer camps provide opportunities for your children to build on skills they already have, try new experiences, and explore activities they are interested in but may have never been exposed to before.

For a small investment of time and money, your kids will not only spend quality time actively engaging their minds and bodies, but they just may discover a new passion, hobby, sport, or talent!

Regardless of your child's interests, you can find a camp that's the perfect fit.

This list is certainly not all-inclusive, but it should give you some popular summer camp ideas to consider.

Summer Camp for Kids
Sports Camps

If you want to improve your skills in a sport you already love or give a new sport a try, here are some good athletic camps to choose from:















Water Polo


Summer Camp for Kids
Day Camps

While many camps provide youngsters the opportunity to spend the night, you might be looking for activities for them to enjoy during the daytime only.

Summer day camps, like those offered by the YMCA, are an excellent alternative to traditional daycare, and they are often reasonably priced since food and lodging don't have to be figured into the cost.

Summer Camp for Kids
Outdoor Camps

Do your kids love nature and the outdoors? They'll love these awesome outdoor adventures.

Summer Camp for Kids
Weight Loss Camps for Kids

Obesity is a problem for many kids in American society today that can haunt them for their entire lives and lead to health concerns in adulthood.

Children who struggle with their weight may receive just the help they need with a summer weight loss camp. There are some exciting options that are a far cry from the traditional boot camps or "fat camps" that you may be familiar with.

Check out the most popular kids summer weight loss camps.

Summer Camp for Kids
Texas Youth Camps

I live in the great state of Texas and am always on the lookout for summer youth programs for my daughter. Here's a wide variety of opportunities for kids in the Lone Star state.

Austin Summer Camp
Weight Loss Camp in Texas
Texas Football Camps
Basketball Camps in Texas

If this list of summer camps doesn't provide exactly what you're looking for, there are plenty of free games and activities for kids that your children can do right at home or in your own backyard.

Browse our website and you'll find plenty of low budget, exciting summer activities that will keep your youngsters moving!

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