Basic Sports Rules to Help You Get in the Game!

Sports rules and regulations can be tedious and difficult to understand if you're new to athletics. But having a working understanding of how games are played makes them much more enjoyable whether you're spectating or trying to play.

You don't have to be intimidated or put off.

With some basic rules of sports you'll be able to enjoy participating in fun indoor and outdoor sports and backyard games with your friends and family in no time.

The list of sports rules below is certainly not all-inclusive, but it does include some of the most popular sports activities played by kids and adults worldwide.

These pages are not intended to make you an expert on the rules in each sport, but they will equip you with the BASIC rules to give you a general understanding of how to play each game.

Then, you can modify the games to fit the number and skill level of your players as well as your playing area and available equipment.

Popular Sports Rules: The Basics


badminton equipmentBadminton sets


baseball equipmentBaseballs


basketball equipmentBasketballs


bocce equipmentBocce sets


dodgeball equipmentDodgeballs


football equipmentFootballs

Flag Football

flag football equipmentFlag FB sets

Flag football: Part 2


golf equipmentGolf balls

Golf: Part 2 / Part 3 / Scramble

Ice Hockey

hockey equipmentHockey gear


kickball equipmentKickballs

Kickball: Part 2

Lawn Bowling

lawn bowlingLawn bowl sets

Ping Pong

ping pong equipmentPing pong sets

Ping Pong: Part 2


racquetball equipmentRacquetballs


rugby equipmentRugby balls

Rugby: Part 2 / Part 3 /
Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6


soccer equipmentSoccer balls

Soccer: Part 2 / 
Modified rules


softball equipmentSoftballs

Ultimate Frisbee

ultimate frisbee equipmentFrisbees


volleyball equipmentVolleyballs

Volleyball: Part 2

And that's where this website comes in handy...

One of the great things about our list of free kids games is that we have provided instructions and helpful tips for lots of kids sports activities that are modified versions of many popular indoor and outdoor sports.

Are you looking for basic soccer rules? How about basic basketball or badminton rules? We've got these and many others. 

Just follow the links above and you'll be ready to hit the field or court in no time!

Because most of these sports are team sports, they make excellent team building activities. They are perfect if you need fun group activities or you're looking for some friendly competition for a family reunion.

Search through our complete list of kids sports activities to find some modified versions of these games as well as many others.

Once you learn the basics you may be interested in learning more about a particular sport. A great way to participate at a higher level and gain more skills is to attend a kids sports camp or join a youth league in your area. You can find some fun opportunities that are open for kids of all ages and experience levels. 

Do you have a child with a disability? Check out NCHPAD for an extensive list of sports rules adapted for individuals with special needs.

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