Best Weight Loss Camps for Kids

weight loss camps

See why these summer weight loss camps are so popular among kids. Their exciting summer programs help young people meet their goals of losing weight in a fun, supportive environment.

I've selected a few well-respected and well-known camps around the U.S. to give you an idea of the types of programs available for overweight kids, teens, and adults.

These are not to be confused with fat camps or boot camps.

This list is certainly not all-inclusive, but it provides a sample of what some of the top-notch summer weight loss camps have to offer.

Each one has its own unique culture and focus. I've pointed out a few highlights that make each camp a little different. You can follow their links to find more specific details.

Summer Weight Loss Camps #1
Wellspring Camps 

They base their programs on a scientific approach to diet and activity that helps their campers make permanent lifestyle changes. This focus on long-term change distinguishes them from the short-term fixes of a traditional weight loss boot camp.

summer weight loss camps

They claim that 7 out of 10 campers are able to maintain their weight loss and continue losing weight when they return home.

They attribute this success to 2 main things:

  1. Self-regulation skills campers learn when it comes to eating patterns.
  2. Simple supportive strategies their families are taught to help maintain these changes.

They offer 3 types of summer weight loss camps:

  1. For kids, teens, and young adults - 11-24 years old
  2. For families - with children 5-15 years old
  3. For women - 25+ years old

Depending on the location you choose, their summer camps offer all kinds of adventure and kids sports activities like surfing, backpacking, kayaking, beach volleyball, traditional team sports, and much more!

Summer Weight Loss Camps #2
Camp Shane

climbing a rock wall

Talk about a camp targeted to young people! You really ought to check out their website to see a camp that's cutting edge. It's full of testimonials, proven results, videos, photos, and tons of helpful information.

In existence since 1968, this family-run camp seems to be highly respected. They have an advisory panel comprised of doctors, psychologists, dietitians, and exercise experts that work together to create the best programs possible.

You may have seen them on TV shows like Dr. Phil, 20/20, MTV, and Discovery Health Channel. Their weight loss program and camper success stories have been chronicled and presented in various documentaries throughout the media.

They offer summer weight loss camps in multiple states for girls, boys, teens, and young adult women. A session typically lasts 3, 6, or 9 weeks and tuition ranges from around $3,500-$8,500.

They understand that exercise is an important key to losing weight, and they aim to make physical fitness fun. They have all kinds of sports activities including basketball, tennis, baseball, hockey, rock climbing, rollerblading, lacrosse, volleyball, biking, and more.

They make it comfortable and fun for kids who may not be in to sports at home by creating a supportive environment where everyone experiences success no matter the level of their skills.

Summer Weight Loss Camps #3
New Image Weight Loss Camp

With two beautiful camp locations in the Pocono Mountains and Lake Pierce, Florida, they offer camps for kids ages 7-19.

Accredited by the American Camping Association, their camps offer stays from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, and they boast a 4:1 counselor to camper ratio.

When you check out their website you'll see they offer some first-class facilities and a wide range of fitness activities that's remarkable.

They have two separate swimming pools for boys and girls, jet skis, an indoor hockey rink, archery range, the largest climbing and adventure obstacle course in the country, a professional golf driving range, and more.

They even offer free air fare for campers staying more than 4 weeks who travel from west of the Mississippi River to their location at Pocono Trails.


Summer Weight Loss Camps #4
Camp Pennbrook 

If you're looking for summer weight loss programs for girls only, this may be the one for you. This camp is located less than a 2-hour drive from New York City at Pennington School in Pennington, New Jersey.

In addition to fitness activities and other traditional activities focused on losing weight, campers are able to go on some pretty cool trips and outings.

Some of the highlights from past camps include pop concerts, Broadway shows, New York City site-seeing excursions, and amusements parks.

New York City

Summer Weight Loss Camps #5
Camp Jump Start

Located in southern Missouri, their website claims they have the least expensive all-inclusive tuition rate per week in the U.S.

Their mission is to help campers maintain long-term weight management after they leave camp with the help of an interactive website that enhances off-site self-monitoring.

You can see some interesting data on their website which shows that their campers not only lose significant weight during camp, but they were able to maintain their weight loss 5 months after leaving camp.

Their summer weight loss camps are open to 9-17 year olds, and they have several to choose from:

Their 4-week summer programs teach kids HOW to live a healthy life.

Their 8-week camp trains campers how to SHOW others how to live a healthy life through the help of leadership training, menu planning, and cooking classes.

They offer a 2-week Refresher camp used as a reward for campers who maintain their weight loss. It's like a reunion where campers can get back together to celebrate their results and re-energize to keep up their healthy habits in the future.

Learn more about summer programs for losing weight for teens.

Read more about weight loss boot camps.

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