Youth Football Camps

youth football camps

Summer youth football camps are a great way for your budding young player to explore the game and learn fundamental skills under the guidance of trained professionals, sometimes even nationally known players and coaches.

If you're willing to travel and expense is not an issue, your options are endless.

Explore high school camps in your area, local college football camps, or travel to you a camp on the site of your favorite NCAA team!

Most NFL teams offer camps and clinics, and there are some NFL players that conduct their own camps. Several large nationwide organizations offer camps at various locations throughout the U.S.  And, though hard to find, you can occasionally find free football camps for the underprivileged.

We are always adding to this list of summer football camps listed below, so keep checking back. 

Summer Youth Football Camp List

College Football Camps by State

Nationwide Summer Football Camps


football camps

The instruction that a player can get through the one-on-one coaching that kids are exposed to can be a turning point in an athlete’s love for the game as well as their skill level.

Younger kids may want to attend youth football camps to get an introduction to the sport before they play on an organized team, such as a middle school football team.

Local youth football programs or entities like the YMCA usually organize these camps. The cost of these camps can vary widely, so check around before you commit to an expensive camp for a brand-new beginner.

When you inquire about the cost and schedule, ask about the coaches and helpers at the camp; coaches at these youth football camps can vary and are sometimes older kids with limited coaching experience.

summer football camps

Younger players and junior high players may want to attend high school football camps organized at their future high school to meet the coaches and other athletes and to get coaching tips from trained coaches.

High school football camps are popular because the cost is usually low and the location is nearby.

Older athletes may want to attend college football camps to have the opportunity to be coached for a few days by some of the best football coaches in the world. Also, players desiring to play college football may use college football camps as an opportunity to meet coaches and players face-to-face and introduce themselves as a potential player in their program.

Of course, there are other types of popular football camps including specific position camps, such as quarterback camps. These camps can be especially intriguing when famous football players, such as Peyton Manning, or established coaches, offer them.

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