Manning Football Camp

manning football camp

Count the Manning football camp, the Manning Passing Academy, among the premiere football camps.

Priding itself as a "working" summer camp, young players have a chance to learn from the very best.

Imagine your football player spending four days with the likes of Archie, Peyton, Cooper, and Eli Manning learning how to develop as a football player.

Manning Football Camp...
"Not just your average quarterback camp"

Truly, a Manning football camp is a dream come true for aspiring quarterbacks, but this summer camp assures that wide receivers, running backs and tight ends will also receive invaluable instruction.

The Manning Passing Academy is held each year in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, home of Nichols State University.

The daily schedule for the Manning football academy is available online, and it appears that the camp is run with precision.

manning football camp

Judging from how the Mannings conduct themselves professionally, I cannot imagine the camp being anything less than delivering detailed, specific instruction in the highest-caliber manner.

So many football camps are run by college and high school coaches who may or may not be experts at whatever position your athlete may wish to pursue.

However, at the Manning summer camp, this is obviously not the case.

To have former and current NFL players is invaluable when it comes to teaching the detailed techniques that young players want to master.

Parents are welcome to attend many of the summer camp events, but it is notable that the camp calls itself a "working" camp as opposed to a celebrity camp.

The players are there to help kids learn the fundamentals the right way; signing autographs isn't part of the deal.

manning football camp

Another characteristic that sets the Manning football academy apart from other football camps are the nightly speakers.

College coaches, college players, and NFL players all discuss with the campers the realities of achieving the dream of playing football at those levels.

With topics such as character building and discussions on the sacrifices needed to become a professional football player, these events are an amazingly personal time for your athlete to get some real answers and direction.

Since the Manning football camp is offering overnight accommodations, it is possible to attend even if you don't live close by.

Giving your athlete the opportunity to attend a summer camp at a premiere football academy may be the highlight of their summer break!

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