50+ Fun Baby Games for Baby's First Year

baby games

Playing baby games with your youngster has so many benefits. It's one of the best things you can do to:

  • strengthen the parent-child bond
  • encourage gross and fine motor skill development
  • foster intellectual development
  • enjoy lots of plain old fun!

Babies need a lot of positive environmental stimulation in their earliest years because so much of what they learn is collected through their senses.

They are constantly tasting, touching, and exploring things with their eyes and ears in the strange, new world around them.

Interacting with your baby through fun baby games and infant activities provides just the stimulation they need.

And at the same time you're creating an environment where the two of you can enjoy spending time together.

As any parent will tell you, babies grow up quickly, but they each develop at their own pace. This site provide lots of baby games to choose from no matter where your child is on the developmental scale.

baby activities

Kids love these games because they give them a chance to use the skills they have already acquired and master some new ones.

If your child isn't developmentally ready for some of the baby activities, don't worry. You can modify them as necessary or move on to another one.

I guarantee your little one will love the time you two spend together.

As your baby experiences success and learns new exciting things about himself and the world around him, his self-esteem will grow. And as you laugh and play together, the bond between the two of you will strengthen.

infant activities

As babies gain more skills, they will lose interest in some of the games, so move right on with them to find more advanced activities appropriate to their developmental level.

Before you know it, they'll be ready for our free toddler games!

Have fun!

List of Fun Baby Games

18 Baby Activities : 0-3 Months

Circle Walk - Rock & Roll - Target Practice - Soft Stroke - Texture Glove - Finger Play - Hold On - Heads Up - Kick It - Roll Over - Find the Noise - Surprise! - Buzzing Bee - Mirror, Mirror - How Pretty - Track It - Feet Up! - Hands Up!

14 Baby Activities : 3-6 Months

Airplane Ride - Baby Balance - Cookie Dough - Baby Aerobics - Reach It - Hello, Hands! - Fascinating Feet - Clap, Clap, Clap - Body Parts - Rolling Surprise - Pick It Up - Reach Out & Touch - Texture Box - Silly Scarves

10 Baby Activities : 6-9 Months

Beach Ball Bonanza - Do What I Do - 1, 2, 3, Kick - Pillow Mountains - Tug It - Stroller Kick - Float & Catch - 3 Toys - Egg Carton Game - All-Terrain Crawl 

12 Baby Activities : 9-12 Months

Fishing For Toys - Treasure Hunt - All Wrapped Up - Pouring Fun - Box It - Tower Building - Sand Sketch - Mirror Image - High Steps - Push It - Gotcha! - Hula Hoopla 

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