Favorite Physical Education Games

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Popular physical education games that all kids love!

Also, discover 5 simple strategies to make sure your kids games are fun for EVERYONE.

There’s a big push in education today to make sure classrooms are inclusive for all students.

PE is no different.

Inclusiveness is just as relevant in the gym.

To enjoy reaping all of the wonderful benefits of physical activity, kids must be able to participate in the activity and experience success in their attempts.

Here are 5 powerful keys to incorporate when choosing your activities to ensure a positive experience for ALL of your kids.

1.  Adapt equipment

Original Gertie Ball

Be creative and find ways to adapt equipment for those who need some help.

This doesn’t have to be limited to kids with disabilities.

Many kids can benefit from using adapted equipment, like balls that are big, slow moving, brightly colored, textured, light-weight, bouncy, noisy, easy to grab, etc.

If you have a student who has difficulty, look for ways to help them be more successful kicking, throwing, catching, whatever. You’ll be amazed at the huge difference the simplest adaptations can make in a child’s ability, success, and desire to participate.

2.  Modify the rules 

Want to know the secret to success?

Modify, modify, modify.

Don’t ever be afraid to change the rules to help kids be more successful. With tweaking, fun kids games can be great for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Modifications likes reducing the size of the playing area, increasing the number of players who are “It”, enlarging the goals, and giving students more attempts, are just a few great ways to make physical education games more fun.

3.  Minimize standing around

physical education games

Avoid dead time whenever possible when planning physical education games. Not only do kids get bored when there isn't enough movement, but it creates a prime environment for them to get into trouble!

The best games keep as many kids participating at a time as possible.

Have students travel to different stations around the gym, bring out more equipment, make more teams with fewer members, get several games going at once, have an activity for those waiting in line, etc. These are just a few ways to keep the dead time to a minimum.

4.  Praise often

Fun kids games often involve either individuals or teams competing against each other. Competitive PE games can be intimidating for some kids who don’t really enjoy physical activity or who lack skills and confidence.

Make a point to let kids know when they've done good. Recognize their personal accomplishments or improvements. A few words of praise to a child go a long way!

5. Build a positive environment

fun kids games

Kids want to have fun, and they want to feel good while they're playing. PE should be a place where they are encouraged to try new skills and learn new games in a positive atmosphere.

Encourage kids to show support and encouragement for each other. Discourage poor sportsmanship and hurtful words. 

And remember: Physical education games aren't just limited to school.

P.E. games make fun games to play at kids birthday parties, family reunions, or anytime you have group of kids you want to get active. The games in this collection are some of my all-time favorites, and kids love them!

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