Top Kids Birthday Party Places
20 Unique Ideas for Active, Sporty Kids

kids birthday party places

Looking for the best kids birthday party places in Houston? Celebrate your child's special occasion with a unique experience that will create memories for a lifetime! Discover fun party games and activities for kids who love sports and adventure. Not from Houston? Don't worry. You're sure to get some great ideas to help you find places in your neck of the woods.

1. Pro Sports Events

    With 5 professional Houston sports teams in our backyard, why not host a party at a pro baseball, football, basketball or soccer game? You can often get special group ticket pricing with your party packages (though the cost can still be a bit pricey for some events.)

2. Kid-Sized Gyms

There are lots of gyms around that provide organized games and activities involving running, jumping, climbing, etc. My daughter attended many parties at Kids n Action throughout elementary school and always left the place with a good sweat and lots of smiles! They are a very popular and well-respected business in the community. 

Kids Birthday Party Places
3. BMX Bike Racing

Got a kid that loves to ride bikes? Reserve a BMX race track and throw a high-energy, high-speed party for your young racers complete with jumps and hairpin turns!

BMX bike racing

Pearland BMX

4. Martial Arts

Learn basic martial arts moves through fun games, activities and challenges that will keep the group having fun while learning some very beneficial self-defense skills. A martial arts party is a wonderful way to introduce an unfamiliar sport to a group of kids.

American Martial Arts Academy

Kids Birthday Party Places
5. Black Light Miniature Golf

We hosted a birthday party for our daughter at Shankz, and the kids had a blast! The entire 18-hole course glows in the dark. You can even wear 3-D glasses while playing to have a really unique experience.


6. Snorkeling & Scuba

Ever been to a snorkeling or scuba party? All the equipment and instruction is provided at this incredibly unique kids birthday party experience.


Houston Scuba Academy

Kids Birthday Party Places
7. Indoor Trampoline Arena

What's more fun than literally bouncing off the walls and flying through the air in a giant room which has floors and walls made out of trampolines? Your kids will burn tons of calories running, jumping, tumbling, bouncing, and even playing a friendly game of sky high dodgeball.

Kids Birthday Party Places
8. Fencing


En garde! Here's a truly unique idea very few kids have had the opportunity to try. How many kids do you know that have held a "foil" or attempted a "feint?" No doubt, these words probably don't mean a whole lot to you. Why not introduce your friends to a sport that is truly out of the ordinary in mainstream U.S.A.?

Salle Mauro Fencing Academy

9. Cosmic Bowling

For some truly fun party games, try bowling in the dark! Cosmic bowling includes laser, disco, and black lights along with runway lights and loud music. The bowling lanes even glow in the dark.


10. Skating

Kids love skating parties. Roller skating rinks offer traditional or in-line skates. For younger skaters or those with disabilities, many rinks have adaptive equipment and skates with wheels that can lock so that kids can step safely instead of rolling out of control. The fun music, lights, and games are usually a hit with most kids. 

Fun City Sk8 & Play


Trade in wheels for blades and hit the ice rink for a fun ice skating party. Don't know how to ice skate? No worries. Include a short group lesson to start your party.


Kids Birthday Party Places
11. Inflatable Indoor Playgrounds

Bounce, climb and jump like crazy on giant indoor inflatable slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses and more!

12. Zoo


Got an animal lover in the family? What better way to celebrate a kids birthday than hosting a party at the Houston Zoo! With their newly updated water splash pad, kids play area and petting zoo, there are lots of fun things to do. Organize an amazing scavenger hunt! Reserve their pavilion for your group to gather.

13. Footgolf

Footgolf is a fun game for kids of all ages. It's a combination of soccer and golf set up on a regular par-3 golf course. Instead of golf clubs and balls, players kick soccer balls into 21-in holes that look like giant plant pots embedded into the ground. The basic rules of golf apply except players use their feet to sink the ball into the hole. My daughter enjoyed this game when she was young and continued to meet groups of friends at the course throughout high school.  

Footgolf Texas

Kids Birthday Party Places
14. Wake Boarding

Here's one of the most unique places for kids birthday parties. At Wake Nation Houston, kids can experience wakeboarding in a small private lake being pulled by an overhead cable system. No boats! They also have a cool aerial adventure ropes course. Check them out for a one-of-a-kind party experience. 

Wake Nation Houston

15. Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving

How about experiencing a virtual freefall with a group of friends. Indoor skydiving provides a simulation of jumping out of a plane without the risk. Using a vertical wind tunnel, participants from 3 to 103 can experience bodyflight! 

iFly Indoor Skydiving

16. Gymnastics

Sit back and relax while coaches instruct kids and organize games and activities. Discover Gymnastics even offers specialty parties like superhero and cheer parties.

Kids Birthday Party Places
17. Dance

How about a dance party? These dance centers offer ballerina princess, jazz, and hip hop parties hosted by dance instructors who lead kids in games, crafts, and dance classes. 

princess party

18. Water Park

There's nothing better in the heat of the Texas summer than to hit one of Houston's local water parks. From low key kiddie pools to exciting thrill rides, these parks offer loads of fun for kids of all ages. 

Kids Birthday Party Places
19. Surfing


For those kids with summer birthdays, Galveston offers some fun and unique opportunities a the beach. Grab some boogie boards and hit the waves or organize a small group of friends for a surf lesson. 1-day camps are available for 6-17 year-olds and would make a truly unique birthday party activity.  

20. Indoor Rock Climbing

Now here's a fun idea for those budding superheroes! After receiving a short safety climbing class, kids are given the opportunity to scale up and across indoor rock walls. Build confidence and burn energy while having a blast!

Texas Rock Gym

These are just a few of the fun activities for kids in the Houston area for sports-loving youngsters. If you know of other fantastic kids birthday party places, let us know and we'll get them posted.

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Just search through the games until you find one that fits your playing area and needs. Each of our fun activities for kids will provide directions, tips, and modifications you need to ensure everyone is successful and has a great time!

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