Free Team Building Activities

We’re adding new free team building activities and games to our database everyday!

Check back often to find great new additions!

Team building games are a great way to introduce kids and give them the opportunity to work together in a fun way.

Our wide selection of kids sports activities will provide lots of ideas as you figure out ways to entertain and work with even the most difficult or shy kids!

You can find team building activities for both large and small groups. Also, each activity has a target characteristic that the game will help to build in your team.

Just search through the games until you find one that sounds like fun and fits your situation. Click on each activity to go to one of our Recipes for Play! that will give you the instructions and tips that you need to get started.

Traditional team sports also make excellent fun team building activities. You can modify any of them to fit the needs of your group. See the basic sports rules for many popular team sports and get a competitive game going at your next outing.

I also believe team building games make great family reunion activities. If you're planning a family gathering, I would definitely check out the games listed below. There's not a better way to spend time together than having fun playing games!

For working with groups, you might also want to check out P.E. Games for more ideas!

Team Building Activities:

Dynamic Duos
Scramble Golf

Click here for a complete list of our kids sports activities and games.

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