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fun activities for kids

As a parent, coach, athlete, and physical educator, I understand and have seen the incredible benefits of physical activity that children experience as they grow and develop.

Playing with your little ones is one of the best things you can do for them!

Especially during the earliest stages of growth, play and physical activity are vital parts of human development.

And as kids get older, playing games together has some huge advantages. Besides the amazing positive impact it has on your relationship with each other, playing physically active games helps your child build confidence, coordination, and motor skills...just for starters.

Learn about great winter and summer kids activities that will provide the benefits of physical activity to your family members year round!

Camps, sports leagues, and parties can all provide opportunities for fun activities for kids that also promote health and fitness.

Sports activities are a great vehicle for providing children opportunities to enjoy new experiences, learn new skills, and face new challenges.

Plus, instilling a love of fitness and an enjoyment of physical activity can help your child develop into a healthy adult.

Throughout this website you'll discover:

Kids Fitness

Basic Sports Rules

Learn about children's growth and development, ideal body weight, and the benefits of physical activity.

Learn the basic rules of many popular team and individual sports to help you organize your own fun kids games quickly.

Camps of all Kinds

Whether you are looking for sports camps, family camps, or religious camps; day camps or sleep away camps; local, college, or professionally sponsored camps; thrill-seeking, team-building, or weigh loss camps, you can find those types of camps and more.

Fun Activities for Kids < 6 Yr

Find fun kids games and activities for babies, toddlers, and preschool ages. During these important stages, physical activity is a vital part of your child’s development.

Summer Kids Activities

Winter Sports & Activities

Finding fun activities for kids during the hottest months of the year can be a challenge. Check out these pages for exciting ideas for summer kids activities. 

When the temperature drops you'll enjoy browsing information about cold-weather outdoor sports along with indoor games.

Free Fun Kids Games

Find active games for all ages and group sizes. You'll find that most of the activities provide easy instructions and adaptations, but you will probably think of more ways you can tweak them to fit your own needs and circumstances.