Fun Cardiovascular Activities for Kids

Berg pedal tri kart

Fun cardiovascular activities are a great way to improve kids fitness. And don't worry...

Getting a good cardio workout doesn't have to mean running grueling sprints on a track! 

It can mean a fun fitness challenge game, a new kind of tag, a ball-kicking game, a dodging game, or a variety of other aerobic sports!

In addition to all the free sports games you will find throughout this site, try some of these exciting options for heart-healthy exercise. These physical activities and games are so much fun, your kids will forget they're working hard!

Kids Aerobic Sports Ideas

Cardiovascular Activities
How about some fun on wheels?


Rollerblades provide endless ideas for heart-pumping fun! Cruise with friends in your neighborhood, find a local skating rink or park, or try a pick up game of street hockey!

Razor kick scooter

Scooters have come a long way since I was a kid! I recommend avoiding ones that are motorized. After all, that defeats the whole purpose of building up a good sweat!


Skateboards not only make great fun while giving your legs a good workout, but they also provide a cool mode of transportation to school. 

Skate parks are very popular in many neighborhoods, so you can test your skills on ramps, jumps, rails, bowls, etc.

Before going too crazy, I would definitely recommend protective head, knee, and elbow gear!

Berg pedal car

Berg pedal car

Berg pedal cars are a fun, unique way for both kids and adults to increase their heart rates! 

My brother has a fleet of these cars. Our entire family (from my 6'3" baby brother to my 12-year old daughter) rode around for hours together at our last family reunion.

We not only burned tons of calories but also turned lots of heads!

Aerobic Sports for Kids
Is jumping more your style?

Jump roping is a well-known and incredibly popular cardio activity, but why not give some other jumping and hopping activities a try?

Physical Activities for Kids
How about climbing?

Have you ever climbed a rock wall? Definitely more challenging than it looks, you can get a great workout in a short amount of time. And if you're afraid of heights, no problem! You can get plenty of exercise only a few inches off the ground. 

rock climbing wall

Kids Fitness
Are you stuck indoors?

I know for a lot of kids it's not possible to go outside and play. And though I am a strong believer in the benefits that come from participating in real sports activities, the age of technology has given us some great indoor alternatives.

As long as you get up off the couch and on your feet, these video games can provide a good deal of aerobic exercise as well!

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