Nike Football Camp

nike football camp

Nike football camp is the premier summer camp for football. These football camps are free to athletes who are invited. Every year Nike invites top high school football players to attend their summer sports camps.

Coaches can recommend players for an invitation and players can submit their own video in hopes of being chosen for a chance to attend one of these elite summer football camps.

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Nike football summer camp locations are set in different places across the United States, but it doesn't seem to matter which location a player attends since all the football camps will be stacked with elite athletes.

College coaches attend many of the camps and receive the names of high performers from each location.

nike football camp

Nike Football Camp
Incredible opportunities for athletes

  • Athletes get exposure to college coaches. Getting a college football scholarship is sometimes a difficult task, especially if the player lives in a small town or is on a team that doesn't get much media attention. Attending a Nike football summer camp puts athletes in front of college recruiters regardless of other factors.

  • Players forced to compete at a very high level. Think about it, every player there has been invited because they are an elite athlete and a potential college-level football player. The competition between players at each position is intensified beyond the level most players are used to. At their school, each player is usually a dominant player, but at the Nike camp the competition is extremely tough. Giving players an opportunity to judge their skill level, strength, speed, drive, etc. against other players their own age is priceless.

  • Players receive top-notch coaching and skill development. Because Nike camps are such elite programs, they can be very selective when it comes to staffing their summer camp.

All in all, being fortunate enough to attend a Nike football camp sounds like an amazing experience!

Not only could it get an athlete's name on recruiting lists, it can provide the spark some players need to avoid complacency when surrounded by lesser athletes during the school year.

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