Texas Football Camps
Camps for Kids in the Lone Star State

texas football camps

Texas football camps offer athletes outstanding coaching and skill development.

Of all the sports camp choices, these summer football camps for kids are hard to beat!

Given the high level of football played on Texas college campuses, attending one (or more!) of the many football camps offered would be a great choice for your athlete.

Texas Longhorn Football Camps

texas football camps

The University of Texas offers two camps for kids in grades 4th-6th and 7th-8th. These are three-day camps and are day camps only.

There is a high school camp offered for 9th-12th graders, which is a four-day camp and allows the campers to stay overnight if they wish.

There are two separate "mini camps" for upcoming 11th-12th graders only. These are one-day camps designed, in my opinion, to allow potential recruits to show their stuff to the coaching staff.

The last of its football camps is a Kicking & Long Snapping Camp for 10th-12th graders.

UT Camp Information

Texas A&M Aggie Football Camps

texas football camps

Texas A&M offers a wide variety of summer football camps.

A youth camp and a high school camp are complemented by several specialty football camps on campus for high school athletes, including a Kicking Academy, QB Academy, OL/DL Line Camp.

A&M also conducts several day camps for upcoming 10-12th graders. These camps are located in DeSoto, Longview, Orange, and one in College Station.

These are one-day camps, and I would urge campers to see these camps like a private workout with the coaching staff.

If you are interested in getting on the A&M recruiting list, or want to see how your athlete stacks up against stiff competition, these single-day events may be for you.

Texas A&M Camp Information

Texas Tech Red Raider Football Camps

texas football camps

Texas Tech offer several summer sports camps for football players.

They are holding a junior camp for 3rd-8th graders, and a high school camp for 9th-12th graders.

Additionally, Tech offers a one-day event for 11-12th graders.

They also conduct a separate special teams camp, which may be similar to the kicking and long snapping camps other colleges offer.

Tech will also be offering several one-day events for rising seniors only - two in the Dallas area and two in the Houston area.

Texas Tech Camp Information

Other Popular Texas Football Camps

You should, of course, factor in the length of the camp and the cost.

You should also judge the competition level and if your athlete is ready.

In general, the more specific football camps are (as in only one or two grade levels or a position camp), the higher the competition level will be. For example, position camps or camps targeting one or two grade levels will tend to me more competitive than those open to a wide range of players.

Of course, parents and athletes often want to get a taste of the football program at the school they like to pull for.

In that case, go for it!

Many of these Texas football camps will give your athlete the opportunity to run across the hallowed field and sweat in the end zone in ways that no other summer sports camps can.

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