Positive Weight Loss Boot Camps That Work

Losing weight doesn't have to be torture!

There are weight loss boot camps for young people that provide a positive, well-balanced approach to weight loss. And, unlike a traditional boot camp that brings all kinds of horrible images to mind, your kids will actually love these summer camps!

When I think of boot camp, I think of this...

Strict rules, punishment, uniformity, and rigorous training. In the end, participants are broken down into submission before emerging mentally and physically stronger individuals.

Though effective in the military, boot camps may not be the answer for your kids when it comes to long-term weight loss results.

The focus of such programs is on losing weight QUICKLY, and this is accomplished with intense training and calorie deficit over a short period of time.

Weight loss boot camps: A holistic approach

losing weight

To lose 1 pound of fat, you have to burn 3,500 calories. Ouch!

That's no easy task.

I think we'd all agree that consuming the calories was a whole lot more enjoyable than what it takes to shed them! Losing weight is certainly a worthwhile goal, but...

Weight LOSS is only one piece of the puzzle. 

KEEPING the pounds OFF is another thing altogether.

Overweight kids and teens need a holistic weight loss program that not only provides the fitness activities and exercise to burn calories, but a new set of lifestyle habits and ways of thinking that will form new healthier patterns of behavior.

The summer camps below are just a sample of the exciting programs available to young people. They all have demonstrated lots of success with campers losing weight during their camp stay.

But, unlike typical weight loss boot camps, the kids have a whole lot of fun and adventure in the process and leave with a new set of life-changing skills and behaviors.

weight loss boot camps

If you're looking for a comprehensive weight loss program for your kids, start your search with these well-renowned, nationwide summer camps below.

See what they have to offer in terms of facilities, programming, pricing, results, staff, etc and compare them with others that you find. They all require a significant investment of money and time, so you definitely want to be diligent in your search.

Click here for more info about the popular weight loss camps below:

Wellspring Camps
Camp Shane
New Image Camps
Camp Pennbrook
Camp Jump Start

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