Basic Golf Rules: Part 3

Sometimes basic golf rules are too advanced for young or beginning players. While golf is a great game, it can be very frustrating and difficult for many.

If you're just learning how to play golf or want to introduce it to young kids, here are some great ideas for modifying the game.

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Basic Golf Rules
Alternatives to Traditional Golf

I have to admit that golf is one of my favorite sports to play. I'm not that great at it, and I don't get to play near as often as I'd like, but I love it! To me, there's not a better way to spend a beautiful day than on the golf course.

However, golf can be prohibitive for people for a lot of reasons:

  • It takes a lot of time – It's not uncommon for a round of golf to take 4-5 hours.
  • It can be expensive – Golf is an expensive sport. Green fees can cost anywhere from $10 (really cheap) to $100s.
  • It can be boring and frustrating for little ones and beginners.
  • There may not be a golf course near you.
  • Beginners may feel uncomfortable and pressured by players if they are playing too slow or taking too many strokes.
  • Golf clubs can be expensive, and every golfer is expected to have their own set of clubs out on the course.

So, if the basic rules of golf are too much of challenge, here are some fun alternatives that might be more appropriate for you and your kids:

  • Find a Par-3 golf course in your area. These are 9-hole golf courses, and every hole is a par 3 which means all of the holes are very short. These are great courses for kids and beginners. You can easily walk the course, and you only need a couple of clubs which you can all share. The green fees are much more reasonable, and you can finish a round of golf in roughly 1-2 hours.
  • Learn scramble golf rules to play a fun version of golf that really speeds up the game and limits the number of strokes players take.
  • Play putt putt games either at a local mini-golf facility or set up your own putt-putt course in your backyard.
  • Set up your own indoor putt-putt course – Using shoes, boxes, cans, etc, you can set up your own course throughout your house. Use your imagination to create obstacles. You can hit a soft nerf-type ball or tennis ball and use a plastic golf club, plastic bat or pool noodle.
  • How about a fun game of Frisbee golf? Instead of clubs, balls, and holes, you use Frisbees and hoops. Check out these Frisbee golf rules for a fun, easy golf alternative.
  • Have a putting contest. Using either the practice putting green at your local golf course or a putting green you set up at your house, have a contest to see who can get the ball in the hole with the least strokes. Here are some quick tips so you can learn how to putt.
  • Instead of trying to hit the ball into holes, set up targets. Try to hit them, knock them down, get closest to the target, or land inside a target area, like a circle.
  • Really young kids will love hitting a beach ball with a pool noodle toward a big target. You can also find over-sized plastic golf clubs and balls that are a lot of fun! 
putt putt golf

Putt putt golf

Step2 Par 3 Mini Golf Course

Indoor mini golf course

frisbee golf

Frisbee golf

Le Petit Sports - Golf Club with Oversize Foam Head

Over-sized plastic golf clubs

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These are just a few of the ways you can adapt the basic golf rules to fit your needs. Use your imagination to come up with more fun games.

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