Rugby Game Rules: Part 3

Learn how to play a rugby game with these basic rugby rules. Part 3 of Basic Rules of Rugby will teach you the 4 ways to score points with a rugby ball.

Rugby Game: Part 3
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There are 4 ways to score points:

1. CONVERSION = 2 points

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The conversion is like the extra point kick in football.

When a team scores a try, they attempt to kick the ball through the goalposts from the 30-yard line.

The kick can either be a place kick or a drop kick.

The kicker's team must be behind him, and the opponents must stay behind the goal line until the kicker runs at the ball, at which time they may charge or jump at the ball.

2. PENALTY KICK = 3 points

When a team is called for a major rule infraction, the opposing team may try to "kick for points" if they are within range of the goalposts.

The kick must be taken from the location of the foul or anywhere on a straight line from that point.

If the kick fails to go through the goalposts, it is a live ball and play continues.

3. DROP GOAL = 3 points

A drop goal kick is similar to a field goal kick in football, except it can be taken from anywhere on the field by any player at any time during the normal course of the game.

A drop kick is made when the kicker drops the ball and it bounces off the ground prior to being kicked.

If the kick fails to go through through the goalposts, the ball is still in play.

4. TRY = 5 points

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A try is like a touchdown in football.

When a team advances the ball across the opponent's goal line into the end zone, they score a try.

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