Learn How to Play Rugby: Part 4 of 6

So, you want to learn how to play rugby? Well, hold on because if you're new to the game of rugby, you're in for a wild ride! It's certainly a unique and very strange looking sport for first-timers, and it has a jargon all its own.

For instance, are you familiar with a "scrum?"

In part 4 of our basic rugby rules, we'll learn how to put the rugby ball back into play after a dead ball...And discover the purpose of a scrum!

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How to Play Rugby
Restarting Play

Besides a score, play is only stopped for 2 reasons:

  • rugby rules infraction
  • if the ball goes out of bounds

Drop kicks are used to restart play after a team scores.

There are 2 ways to put the rugby ball back into play when action is stopped:

1. Line-Out

If the ball goes out of bounds, it is put back into play with a line-out. Both teams form a line perpendicular to the sideline and 3 feet apart from each other.

A player on the team not responsible for causing the rugby ball to go out of bounds calls a play and throws the ball in the air in a straight line between the two lines.

Players from each team try to gain possession of the ball, and they may be supported in the air by their teammates as they attempt to get it.

2. Scrum

how to play rugby

A scrum is the method of restarting play after the referee calls a rule violation. It's a very strange-looking formation that's unique to rugby.

Players from each team bind themselves together by interlocking their arms around each other's shoulders to make a tight formation about 3 rows deep.

The front row players of one team interlock with the front row players of the opposing team to form a tunnel over the ball.

A member of the team not responsible for the rugby rules infraction puts the ball into the tunnel by rolling it into the middle.

Each team pushes forward until one player is able to hook the rugby ball with his feet and push it to the back row of players on his team.

After learning the basics of how to play rugby, perhaps you'd be interested in exploring competitive opportunities for youth, high school and college students, and women throughout the U.S.

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