Top Summer Lacrosse Camps

summer lacrosse camps

Choose from some of the top summer girls and boys lacrosse camps. Offered locally and nationwide, discover a top-notch sports summer camp for your budding lax player!

When it comes to healthy kids activities, lacrosse is an excellent sport for cardiovascular fitness.

However, because it lacks the popularity in the U.S. compared to some of the other team sports, summer lax camps may not be that easy to find in your area.

I would definitely start by checking with your local lacrosse organizations and both public and private schools for camps and leagues close to home. You typically can't beat these when it comes to cost and convenience.

If you're looking for a more substantial learning opportunity, check out the great camps listed below.

Lacrosse Camps #1
Game Breaker

summer lacrosse camps

A favorite among many, Game Breaker offers summer lacrosse camps for boys and girls in many locations across the nation.

They also conduct a few specialty options like a face-off camp and a goalie camp.

With both overnight and day camp options, they seem to have a fine-tuned program to improve general lacrosse skills.

Lax Camps #2
Nike Lax

When it comes to sports summer camp, Nike Lax offers lacrosse training along with all of their other sports programs. Nike camps are generally held at colleges or universities with top-notch facilities, and they have separate boys and girls camps in over 10 different states.

Lax Camps #3

summer lacrosse camps

Matt Millon, a member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame, runs some impressive summer programs. His camps can be found throughout the Northeast with both overnight and day camping options.

Also, Millon Lax Camps offer additional clinics on the first day, a few specialty clinics, and even a Dad's clinic to teach parents who don't have a background in lacrosse skills.

It does seem like these camps are only for boys, but I recommend you call if that's a concern.

Lax Camps #4
IMG Academies

This is a premier lacrosse camp only found in Florida. IMG offers one-week, two-week, three-week, and four-week options for overnight and/or day campers. They have separate camps for boys and girls as well as many options to tailor instruction to your player.

Interestingly, IMG conducts camps that provide SAT preparation or English language learning along with the lacrosse instruction. Everything about the program seems to be top-notch.

Lax Camps #5

Operating out of San Diego, Adrenaline offers summer programs for day campers in several locations in California and usually at least one in Texas.

They offer a full range of lacrosse events such as coaching clinics, youth leagues, and tournaments throughout the year as well.

Lax Camps #6
Good Sports USA

Located in New Jersey, Good Sports USA offers a variety of sports summer camp options. If you live in a metropolitan area, check around for similar multi-sport complexes for possible lacrosse training.

For other healthy activities to fill your vacation time, check out more summer camp ideas.

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