Summer Day Camps for Kids
A Good Alternative to Overnight Camps

Summer day camps for kids give campers unique opportunities to participate in activities they already love or explore new areas of interest...

...for a fraction of the cost of overnight camps.

summer day camps for kids

Every child is different.

They all have their own individual talents and favorite ways to spend their time.

If you're like me, you want to give your children the chance to discover new interests and explore untapped abilities. But it’s impossible to find the time during the hectic schedule of the regular school year to add another commitment to the calendar.

During summer break, many of us get to take a breather from our normal, busy routine to check out some new and different avenues. In fact, lots of parents and kids are begging for activities to break up the boredom of the long days at home.

At that's where summer kids camps come to the rescue!

Have your kids ever wanted to learn how to:

  • play a new sport?
  • cook? 
  • paint?
  • become a photographer?
  • play an instrument?
  • become an actor?
  • take care of zoo animals?
  • train a dolphin?

The sky is the limit on the possibilities...

I guarantee no matter what your kids are interested in, there are plenty of great summer camp ideas perfect for them!

And though there are some terrific overnight summer camps available, day camps are often a better option for your youngsters.

Benefits of day camps vs. overnight camps

  • Better for younger kids who aren’t ready to be away from home
  • Choice of half-day and full-day camps
  • Cheaper because food and lodging aren't included
  • Kids get a taste of the camp experience without becoming overwhelmed
  • Often located close to home
  • Give kids a break from traditional day care

Types of summer day camps for kids

    This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, but maybe it will give you some ideas.

Academic camps
Church camps
Fitness camps

Music camps
Nature camps
Scout camps 

Fitness camps
Special interest/hobby camps
Special needs camps
Sports camps

Popular kids day camps around the U.S.

Blue Rill
Camp America
Deer Mountain

Long Island
New Jersey
Pine Crest

Pine Grove
Young Peoples
West Hills
Willow Lake

I also encourage you to browse our extensive list of summer camps. Many of them are overnight camps, but most of them have options for campers to come only during the day if they would like.

For more great kids sports activities to get your kids moving around this summer, check out our list of free kids games that you can play at home with your family or outside with a group of friends.

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