Nike Tennis Camps Elevate Your Game

Nike Tennis Camps

Junior tennis players who attend one of the Nike Tennis Camps have the opportunity to take their game to the next level.

These outstanding tennis summer camps offered around the U.S. give kids of every age and ability the chance to become better players.

Nike has been offering tennis camps since 1975, helping hundreds of thousands of players fall in love with the game, improve their skills, and make new friends.

Why choose Nike Tennis Camps?

  • Nationally recognized coaches
  • Instruction that is second to none
  • Specific teaching programs for every skill level
  • Offered at convenient locations across the U.S.
  • Excellent playing facilities on prestigious campuses
  • Low player/coach ratio
  • Positive teaching environment

They are committed to your development as a tennis player, so a lot of instruction is packed into the week, but they don't forget to balance all of the hard work with plenty of fun.

Check out all of the different Nike summer tennis camps for juniors, and find the perfect one for your young player.

Nike Junior Tennis Camps

Overnight (8-18yr)

Includes a 30-hour tennis program, all meals, housing, and tennis activities

Extended Day (8-18yr)


Includes a 30-hour tennis program, lunch, dinner, and evening tennis and activities

Day Campers (7-18yr) 


Half-day and full-day option at some locations

When players arrive at camp they are evaluated individually by the director and staff and grouped according to age and ability into one of several improvement programs.

Nike Development Programs
for Junior Tennis Players

Though each development program has different areas of emphasis, they all include:

  • Stroke fundamentals instruction and drills
  • Singles and doubles match play
  • Tennis match strategy
  • Fitness and strength building
  • Mental aspects of the game

All Skill Levels: ages 8-17

Geared toward beginners, intermediate, advanced, tournament, and high school players.

Emphasis is on proper fundamentals so campers can improve their competitive singles and doubles play.

Tournament Training Sessions: ages 9-17 

Geared to players competing at the tournament level.
Emphasis is on extensive fundamental work, physical conditioning, and competitive play in order to improve tournament results.

High School Sessions: ages 13-18

Geared to players who are on or who want to try out for their high school tennis teams.
Emphasis is on fundamentals, physical conditioning, and match play to help players make their team or move up in rank on their team.

Quick Start Program: ages 5-7

Geared to young, beginning campers.
Emphasis is on giving kids a positive introduction to tennis fundamentals and low key match play using a short court.

And kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun! Mom and Dad, why don’t you register for one of the Nike Adult Tennis Camps?

Find locations and register for Nike tennis camps

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