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Free Toddler Games #33-39

More free toddlers activities to enjoy with your 1, 2, or 3 year old. For more ideas, we've got over 40 free toddler games to choose from.

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Toddlers Activities #33
The Chase Is On

  • Get down on the floor with your toddler.
  • Crawl ahead of him and tell him to come and get you.
  • Act like you’re going fast, but always let him catch you.
  • Then give him a chance to have you chase him.
  • Try chasing with different types of movements like running, walking, jumping, and marching.
  • Set up some obstacles to go under, over, or around while chasing.

Toddlers Activities #34
Catch the Light

fun activities for toddlers
  • Darken a room and move a flashlight around so the light moves along the floor.
  • Freeze the light on a spot and have the child run and stomp on it.
  • Move it to another spot and let him do it again.
  • Move the light around the floor and let him run and follow its pattern.
  • Move the light around the floor and tell child to try and catch the spot.
  • Shine the light on a spot on the wall and have him run touch the spot.
  • Shine it on an object and have him grab the object and bring it back to you.
  • Shine the light on an object and have him name the object.
  • Give him a turn to shine the light.

Toddlers Activities #35
Let’s Make Some Noise!

  • Get out a variety of pots, pans, and other containers the child can beat on with wooden spoons and other types of sticks.
  • Make shakers by filling small containers with items like rice, beans, beads, buttons, and rocks.
  • Find whistles and other items you can blow.
  • Put on some music or sing a song and play along to the rhythm.

Toddlers Activities #36
Shadow Tag

free toddler games
  • Go outside on a sunny day and look at your shadow.
  • Make yourself big like a monster and pretend to chase your toddler.
  • Tell your toddler to try to step on your shadow. You try to step on hers.
  • Make your shadow big and little, tall and short, wide and skinny.
  • Watch your shadow run and jump and twirl.
  • Watch your shadow as you run around waving streamers.
  • Look for shadows made by other objects and make it a game to run step on those shadows.

Toddlers Activities #37
Bubble Magic

free preschool activities
  • Everyone loves bubbles, and there are so many fun games you can play with them.
  • Blow a bunch of bubbles and have your toddler run through them, trying to touch as many as possible.
  • See if he can poke them with one finger, or pop them between his hands by clapping.
  • Look up and let a bubble touch your face.
  • Let a bubble land on different parts of your body like on your foot or elbow or head.
  • Twirl around with your arms arms outstretched while standing in the middle of a bunch of bubbles.
fun toddlers activities
  • Try to catch a bubble in one hand or with both hands.
  • Kick the bubbles.
  • Give the child a wooden spoon, plastic bat, or foam paddle and let him hit the bubbles.
  • Blow bubbles at him and have him to try to keep from letting the bubbles hit him.
  • Keep a bubble up in the air by blowing underneath it.
  • Have a bubble race by blowing a bubble out in front of you while you run behind it.

Toddlers Activities #38
Hand Games

free preschool activities
  • Giving your toddler opportunities to experiment with different ways to move her hands and fingers is great for her fine motor development.
  • Make sure you do each movement with both the right and left hands.
  • Wiggle your fingers like rain is falling.
  • Hold your fingers in circles and put them over your eyes like you’re looking through a pair of binoculars.
  • Hold an index finger up on each hand and place them on your head like bunny ears and hop around like a bunny.
  • Hold up all 5 fingers on each hand and hold your hands on the sides of your head like moose antlers.
  • Make a fist with your hands and pound them.
  • Clap your hands together and clap your hands on different body parts like your knees, shoulders, legs, feet, and head.
  • Grab each other's nose using your thumb and index finger.
  • Trace lines and shapes with your fingers. 
  • Pretend your finger is a crayon or paintbrush and pretend to color or paint an object.
  • Give each other the "thumbs up" signal and wiggle your thumbs at each other.
  • Poke each other with your index finger.
  • Wiggle all 10 of your fingers and then use them to tickle each other.
  • Let toddler untie your shoes.
  • Play tug-of-war with a little rope or blanket or scarf.

Toddlers Activities #39

  • There are a variety of ways to play "peek-a-boo" with your toddler.
  • Cover him with a blanket and pretend to look for him. Then quickly pull it off and say, "peek-a-boo."
  • Put the blanket over you and let your toddler pull it off.
  • With your toddler on the bed, crouch down on the floor beside the bed and then slowly come into view.
  • Peek around pieces of furniture or large stuffed animals.
  • Peek around a door or curtain.
  • Peek around your hands or place your child’s hands over his eyes.
  • Peek around a mirror.

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Every toddler may not be able to do all of these activities. Make sure to help out whenever necessary to make sure your little one experiences success.
  • Take your time with each activity. Don't rush.
  • Provide plenty of praise when your toddler is successful.
  • Let your imagination go. The more you are able to pretend and act silly, the more fun you will both have.

For a Twist:

  • Use your imagination to modify games using different objects.
  • Include more people in the activities.

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