Physical Education Activities

Physical education activities like Airballs! are twists on old games that we all know and love, like basketball. We took basketball, converted it into a totally non-contact game, and changed up the playing field to produce Airballs!

Physical education activities

Ages: 4+

# of Players: 2-20

Equipment: 2 lg boxes/trashcans, balls (variety)

Set Up

  • Split your playing area in half so that each team plays on their own side.
  • Place one container in the middle of each team's side.
  • The players are positioned around the boundary lines surrounding their can. 
  • 3 players are selected as "ball chasers" for each team – they stand inside the playing area and retrieve missed throws.
  • Each team is given enough balls to fill their container. Use a variety of balls - Rhino balls, tennis balls, playground balls, etc.(The more players, the more balls you need.)


  • On a signal, both groups start to throw their balls into their container. Any ball that misses is retrieved by the ball chaser and thrown back out to a teammate outside the boundary line.
  • Players throw balls as quickly as they can to try to fill their container.
  • The game is played for a pre-determined amount of time (90 seconds) or until one team gets all of their balls in the container.
  • The team with the most balls in their container at the end of the time period is the winner.
  • After each game, players rotate sides and ball chasers.

Secrets for a Great Time

  • Make sure the distance of the throwers from the cans is appropriate for the player’s ages and skill level. 
  • Don’t worry if balls get mixed up and go over to the other side. Players can throw whatever ball they have into their can. (If this becomes a problem and one team runs low on balls, you can move the throwers from the end lines to the center line and have them throw in a direction away from the other team.)
  • Depending on your space, it might work better to have the throwers surround the can on all 4 sides.

For a Twist

  • For younger kids, make sure the playing area is very small so they have success getting the ball in the can.
  • Don’t stress which team gets the most balls in, but make a big deal of how many balls each team got in. Have teams compete against themselves to beat their previous score.
  • For fewer players, have both teams play together in half the playing area. Put 2 containers in the center and both teams line up around all 4 sides. Teams can pick a side to line up on, alternate around the sides with players from the other team, or scatter at random. Players throw the balls into their respective containers. Have one ball chaser from each team in the middle returning balls to their teammates.

The wide variety of physical education activities throughout this website will give you some great party game ideas and the perfect kids game for your next group gathering.

For other physical education activities that will really get your hearts pumping, check out Cardio Activities.

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