College Football Camps


Find popular college football camps hosted by top NCAA teams. These gridiron camps provide world-class instruction and fun and are often a highlight of all of your youngster's summer camp activities.

Sending your athlete to a college football camp can be a dream come true! Athletes get to meet the college coaches and players, play on the college fields, and even stay in the college dorms.

You can expect a summer camp organized and run by an NCAA football staff to be more expensive than other youth gridiron camps, so you need to determine if the level of instruction, potential skill development, and overall experience is worth the cost.

Each camp offers its own unique flavor, so you’re sure to find one that suits your child.

Popular College Football Camps

Boston College » Clemson » Georgia » Illinois » LSU » Michigan » Ohio State » Penn State » Purdue » UNC » Texas » Virginia Tech

If none of these schools are in your region, check out local colleges for their camp schedule. But don't wait too long. These kids camps can fill up quickly. 

Why College Football Camps?

There are a couple of primary reasons why you might choose to spend the extra money to send your athlete to one of a college camp.

    Out of love for a particular college

College camps are a great way to introduce your athlete to the campus and facilities of the college you all root for during the year. After attending one of their football camps, attendees feel connected to the school, the coaches, and the players in powerful ways.

For the coaching

I mean, can you imagine having your athlete receive coaching pointers from some of the best coaching minds in the game?

college football camps

Of course, the head coaches of the college teams may or may not spend much time working on skill development with their campers, but I guarantee they have staffed their rosters with top-notch coaches.  

Generally, the coaches are comprised of current college staff, current players on the college's team, and select high school coaches.

If your athlete has a desire to play football at a particular school

A summer camp gives your athlete the opportunity to meet the coaches and talk directly to team players. If the school has not shown interest in recruiting your athlete, it may be the perfect time to express your interest and give the coaching staff the chance to see your skills.

Location and cost

Generally speaking, these summer camps will be fairly expensive compared to other kids sports camps.

One way to cut the expense is to have your athlete be a day-camper instead of staying overnight in the dorm. While this will take away some of the experience of an overnight summer camp, it may make the price right.

Another consideration is to look for short 1- or 2-day camps or clinics. These programs usually focus on a specific position or skill, and they still give athletes a peek into the college football atmosphere and receive great coaching without breaking the bank.

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