Activities for 3 Year Olds
Free Toddler Games #7-14

Try these fun activities for 3 year olds that will not only benefit their fine motor and gross motor development but will help build learning skills as well. These active free toddler games also make great babysitting activities.

activities for 3 years olds
Come and See Me!
Lost & Found
1, 2, 3, Crash!
Walk the ABCs and 123s
Teeter Totter
Lights on, Lights Off
Balloon Mania

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Activities for 3 Year Olds #7
Come and See Me!

  • Stand on the opposite side of the room from your toddler.
  • Talk about the different ways she could move across the room - crawling, walking, marching, running, etc.
  • Tell her to think of a way she wants to come across the room to reach you.
  • When she has a way in mind, say, "1, 2, 3, Come and see me!"
  • Have her tell you what she is going to do and let her cross the room in that manner.
  • When she reaches you, greet her a different way each time – give her a hug, a high five, pick her up and spin around, etc.
  • Send her back to the other side of the room and ask her to choose another form of movement.
  • Repeat the activity.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #8

fun activities for toddlers
  • Tie a rope between two chairs an inch off of the ground. Start on the ground if you need to.
  • Step over the rope and have your child follow you.
  • Next time, run or jump over the rope.
  • Raise the rope about an inch and try different ways of going over it.
  • If it gets too high, think of ways to help your child get over it - she can climb on your back while you step over; you can lift her up high and set her on the other side; she can stand on your foot and hold onto your leg while you step over.
  • Once the rope gets too high to go over, find different ways to go under it, like crawling, slithering like a snake on your belly, walking on all fours like a bear, running, or going through backwards.
  • This is a fun game to do to music.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #9
Lost & Found

  • Using stickers, spots, toys, pieces of paper, or anything else you can think of make a trail on the floor that ends up behind or under a piece of furniture, inside a door, or on top of something.
  • Tell the child that something has been lost, like a stuffed animal or a toy or your keys.
  • Hide the lost object at the end of the trail and have the child follow the trail to find the object.
  • Use different objects and make different trails throughout your house or yard.
  • You can even be waiting at the end of the trail and pretend that you are a lost puppy or kitten.
  • Give your child a chance to wait at the end of the trail so that you can find her.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #10
1, 2, 3, Crash!

  • Help your toddler learn to count while also developing his fine motor skills.
  • Have your child build towers with a different number of blocks each time.
  • Start with one block, then, 2, 3, and so on.
  • Count the blocks as they are stacked.
  • When you reach the goal, count the number of blocks out loud and yell, "Crash!" at the end.
  • Have the toddler knock the tower down.
  • Increase to the next number and build it again.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #11
Walk the ABCs and 123s

  • Using sidewalk chalk, write the numbers from 1 to 10 in large print on the ground.
  • Hold your toddler’s hand and walk each number while saying what the number is.
  • Walk them fast and slow.
  • Say a number and see if your child can go to that number and walk its shape.
  • Next, write some large letters. You might want to start with just a few letters at a time.
  • Repeat the activity by calling out the name of a letter.
  • Give your toddler a chance to say a number or letter and you walk the shape.
lettered poly spots
numbered poly spots

Activities for 3 Year Olds #12
Teeter Totter

  • Sit on the floor facing your toddler with your legs spread.
  • Hold your child’s hands and lean backward while your child leans forward.
  • Now, you learn forward while your child leans backward.
  • Go fast and slow or move in rhythm to music.
  • Rock back and forth to different nursery rhymes or songs like "Row, row, row, your boat."
  • Pretend you're rowing a boat and you're racing against other boats.
  • Pretend you're rowing a boat and there's a huge storm that knocks you all around.
  • Pretend you're rowing a flying machine that is soaring through the clouds.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #13
Lights On, Lights Off

  • You can either use a lamp or a wall light switch to play this game.
  • Say "Lights on" and flip the switch to turn the light on.
  • While the lights are on, sing a song or say a nursery rhyme with your toddler while moving around the room.
  • When you are finished say, "Lights off" and flip the lights off.
  • When the lights go out, say "Shhh" and be very quiet and still.
  • Turn the lights on again and perform a different movement with a different rhyme.
  • Give your child a chance to be in charge of the light switch and pick the type of movement to do.

Activities for 3 Year Olds #14
Balloon Mania

  • Balloons provide a lot of opportunities for fun toddlers activities.
  • Blow up some balloons of different colors.
  • Show your child how to bat a balloon.
  • Work together to try to keep the balloon up in the air.
  • Have child lie on the floor. Hold the balloon over him and drop it, so he can kick it or hit it while lying down. Or you could have him name the part of his body that the balloon hits.
  • While standing, name a different body part and have the child hit the balloon with that part of his body.
  • Kick the balloon back and forth.
  • Tap it back and forth while moving across the room.
  • Rub the balloon on your clothes to create static electricity and stick the balloon to the wall.
  • Hit the balloon with a wooden spoon or other type of paddle.
  • Try to hit the balloon back and forth over a small table or couch.
  • If the balloon hits the floor, pretend it makes an exploding sound.
  • Toss a bunch of balloons in the air at once and have your toddler try to hit as many as he can.
  • Try to hit the balloon to a target like through a big hula hoop or into a large box or trash can.
  • Tie balloons to the end of strings and hold them while you run and jump and twirl.
  • Blow a bunch of bubbles and have your toddler run through the middle of the bubbles while holding balloons on strings.


  • Every toddler may not be able to do all of these activities. Make sure to help out whenever necessary to make sure your little one experiences success.
  • Take your time with each activity. Don't rush.
  • Provide plenty of praise when your toddler is successful.
  • Let your imagination go. The more you are able to pretend and act silly, the more fun you will both have.
  • Use your imagination to modify games using different objects.
  • Include more people in the activities.
  • Add fun music whenever possible.

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