Kids Themed Party Ideas
Bat Tag

Perfect for kids who love Dodge Ball games & Batman!

themed party ideas

Need some fun themed party ideas? Kids party games like Bat Tag are perfect for those who love Super Heroes!

We took one of everybody's favorite games, Dodge Ball, added some flair with the theme of Batman, and changed up the rules to produce Bat Tag.

This is just one of our exciting kids party activities and birthday party games. And our game list is growing everyday! 

Themed Party Ideas
Bat Tag

themed party ideas

Ages: 5+ yrs

# of Players: 4-30

Prep Time: 10 min

Equipment: 1 foam frisbee for every 5 players. (You can substitute sock balls, squishy balls or any other soft object)

Set Up:

  • Designate 1 person to be "Batman" or "Batgirl" for every 5 players. (If you have 15 players, select 3 people to be Batman).
  • Give each Batman a foam frisbee. ("bat")
  • The rest of the players are the "Jokers," and they scatter throughout the playing area.


  • The Batmen try to capture the Jokers with their "bats". They do this by throwing the foam frisbees at them and trying to hit them. 
  • If Jokers get hit, they freeze until all the Jokers have been hit.
  • When all of the players have been tagged, select new Batmen/Batgirls. 

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Play Batman music.
  • If players are having trouble hitting people with the Frisbees, make the playing area smaller or use larger objects (giant flying disk, beach ball, etc.)
  • For younger players or if players are getting tired, decrease the size of the playing area.
  • If anyone gets hit in the head, they are still in the game.

For a Twist:

  • Designate an area in the playing field to be a jail. When Jokers get hit, they have to go to the Gotham City Jail. The leader can call "Jail Break!" and allow the Jokers to escape back into the game for a little more excitement.
  • Divide the players into teams of bad guys: "Jokers," "Penguins," "Catwomen," & "Riddlers". When someone from their team gets hit, they can unfreeze them by tagging them with their hand or they can grab them out of jail.
  • Choose your own favorite Super Heroes!

If this game doesn't grab you, we've got plenty more kids party activities to choose from that perfect for large or small groups!

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