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Barnyard Match Up

preschool activity ideas

Why is this a fun game? Preschool activity ideas like Barnyard Match Up are twists on old games for kids that we all know and love, like Hide & Seek and Marco Polo.

We took these two games and converted them into a party game by changing up the goal from not being found to finding your partner the quickest.

Preschool Activity Ideas
Barnyard Match Up

Ages: 4+

# of Players: 8-30

Equipment: blindfolds for every player

Set Up

  • Players are divided up into groups of 4. 
  • Each group is given the name of a barnyard animal (pigs, ducks, dogs, cats, etc) and scattered around the playing area.
  • All the players are given a blindfold to put on.


  • The blindfolded players begin the game by calling out the sound that their animal makes (dogs "bark", ducks "quack", etc.) 
  • They are trying to recognize similar animal sounds and gather together with the other members of their group.
  • The winners are the first group to gather all of their players together.
  • Modifications: For younger players or those with disabilities – Have the players stay down on their hands and knees. Encourage them to move slowly and feel for where they are going so they don't run into anyone.

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Make sure the playing area is safe and free from hazards.
  • Make sure players are not cheating by looking through their blindfolds.
  • Group members should be spread throughout the playing area at the start of the game and not too close to each other. 
  • Adjust the size and number of groups as necessary.
  • Movement should be slow and controlled. Walking slowly or crawling should work.

For a Twist

  • Try to gather 2 groups of animals together, like dogs and cats. Players bark and meow and listen for other barks and meows to come together.
  • Have one group of animals try to herd another group of animals.
preschool activity ideas
preschool activity ideas
preschool activity ideas

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