Kids Summer Activities
Crab Soccer

kids summer activities

Fun kids summer activities like Crab Soccer are great because they allow kids to be active but within a controlled environment where different ages and abilities can all participate. Crab Soccer is a great kids sports activity anytime of the year!

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kids summer activities
kids summer activities
kids summer activities

Kids Summer Activities
Crab Soccer

Ages: 5+ yrs

# of Players: 16-32


Large beach ball, Jumbo pair of dice

kids summer activities

Set Up:

  • Divide players into 4 teams and give each of them a number from #1 up to the number of players on their team. When you are done there should be 4 players with each number. If there are an uneven number of players, assign someone 2 numbers.
  • Players will sit in a square formation with a couple feet in between each one.
  • Place the ball in the center of the square.


  • A designated player rolls the dice and calls out the 2 numbers showing. (If doubles are rolled, roll again.)
  • The players with these numbers crab walk to the middle of the square and try to kick the ball over one of the other three team’s side. So, playing with 4 teams, there are 8 people in the middle at once.
kids summer activities
  • The sideline players must keep their hands on the ground and can only move in a crab position, too. They use their feet to keep the ball from going over their sideline.
  • After a score, players return to their places and the dice are rolled again. If there is not a score after 1 minute, the player who rolled the dice calls "Time." All players return to their original places and the dice are thrown again.


1 point is given to a team if the ball goes over their side.
If the ball goes over a corner, 1 point is given to both adjoining teams.
Low score wins the game.

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Players need enough space between them to be able to move without kicking the person next to them.
  • Adjust the size of the playing space to fit the size of your group and the skill level of your players.
  • Give players of similar size, skill level or age the same number to ensure more even competition.

For a Twist:

  • Leader calls out numbers instead of rolling dice to ensure even playing time for everyone.
  • Use a balloon to slow down the movement of the ball.
  • Have more than 1 ball (balloon) going at a time to increase the speed and amount of action.
  • If doubles are rolled, let those 4 players play that round instead of the usual 8.

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