Kids Indoor Activities
Backside Volleyball

kids indoor activities

Kids indoor activities like Backside Volleyball are twists on old kids games that we all know and love. We took traditional volleyball and converted it into a safe indoor game to produce Backside Volleyball

This is just one of the great ideas for things to do with kids on those cold or rainy days when you're stuck inside.

We have lots more fun more indoor activities for kids that are safe to play in the house.

Kids Indoor Activities
Backside Volleyball

Ages:  6+ yrs

# of Players:  8-20

Equipment:  Beach ball, chairs

Set Up:

  • If you are in a room with small desks or chairs, line them up in an "H" shape to mark the net and the sidelines. For the net, you can use other items like a table or couch or suitcases.
  • Jump ropes, rolled up sheets or whatever else you can find can be laid out for the sidelines.
  • Players can either sit in chairs or they can sit on the floor.


  • Follow the basic rules of volleyball with the following adjustments:
  • Players are not allowed to get off of their backsides (either from their chair or floor.) If they get up while attempting to hit the ball, it's a point for the other team.
  • Each player gets 1 serve. To serve, they tap the ball upward into the air (no spiking down on the ball.) They serve from whatever location they are sitting in.
  • The serve must go over the net without a teammate touching it. The other team can use as many hits as necessary to return the ball, but the ball must stay in the air. It can't hit the floor or any piece of furniture.
  • If they fail to return the ball back over the net, the serving team gets 1 point and the ball is passed to the next player in line to serve 1 time.
  • If they do return the ball, play continues until the ball goes out of bounds, hits the ground, or fails to go over the net.
  • The serving team keeps serving until they fail to return the ball at which time the ball and point is awarded to the other team. (The ball rotates to a new server for every serve.)


  • Points are scored every time the ball is served. The team that fails to return the ball loses the point and the serve.
  • The first team to reach 20 points is the winner.
  • Teams can rotate sides after each game, and players can move to new spots. Have players rotate up a row with the front row players rotating to the back row.


Modifications for players less than 6 years old:

  • Use a balloon instead of a beach ball
  • Allow players to get on their knees if necessary to hit the ball.
  • Players can catch the ball and then hit it back over
kids indoor activities

Modifications for less than 8 players:

  • Use a smaller playing area
  • An adult or two can play on one team while all the kids play on the same team

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Using a balloon instead of a beach ball is a good safe alternative to use with kids indoor activities.
  • Blow up several balloons and put them in a garbage bag. Tie the the bag shut, and you have a bigger balloon that is really fun to hit.
  • Setting a 1-serve limit keeps the serve rotating around the team and gives everyone a chance to serve.

For a Twist:

  • For a faster paced game, get 2 balloons or beach balls going at the same time.
  • Players lean back on their elbows and try to use their feet to kick the balls over.

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