Fun Group Activities for Kids
Tank Wars

Fun group activities like Tank Wars make great birthday party games, slumber party activities, or team building games. They enable a bunch of people to participate and have fun, even if running around isn't an option.

Sometimes kids' parties can be dominated by a few talkative ones, but a game like Tank Wars helps to get everyone involved and taking turns being verbal!

Fun Group Activities
Tank Wars

Ages: 8+

# of Players: 4-30

Equipment: Blindfolds for half the players, foam balls (sock balls)

Rhino skin dodge ball

Set Up:

  • Players are divided into teams of 2. One of the partners is blindfolded and is the “tank.”
  • The other partner is not blindfolded, and he serves as the “gunner” and “shield.”
  • Partners spread out across the playing area.
  • Foam balls (“missiles”) are scattered throughout the playing area.


  • The object of the game is for the tanks to find the missiles, pick them up, and try to hit another tank.
  • The tank is on hands and knees while the sighted partner gives him directions to get to a missile and then tells the tank where he needs to throw the ball to hit a tank.
  • The sighted person also acts as a shield and protects his tank from getting hit by incoming missiles.
  • If a tank gets blown up, the partners switch roles and continue playing.

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Make sure the playing area is free of hazards for those that are blindfolded.
  • Tanks may want to walk (or crab walk) instead of crawl depending on the surface of the playing area.
  • Make sure the size of the playing area is not too large for the number of tanks you have.

For a Twist:

Have the tanks be on a “land mine” hunting mission instead of a shooting mission. Scatter out all kinds of objects and have tanks compete to see who can find the most land mines with the help of their sighted partners, the “gunners.”

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