Fun Activities for Toddlers
Free Toddler Games #24-32

A variety of fun activities for toddlers and creative free toddler games that will provide hours of entertainment for you and your kids!

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Fun Activities for Toddlers #24

  • Find fun greeting cards, magazine pictures, party decorations, or simple pictures you draw on a piece of paper.
  • Cut each picture in half and scatter the pieces around the floor.
  • Have your toddler try to match the pieces to put each little puzzle together.
  • Depending on the ability of your child, you could cut the pictures up into more pieces.
  • You take a turn and pretend to match up items that don’t go together. Let your child help you correct your mistake.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #25
Packing For a Trip

  • Pretend you are packing for a trip and you are going to have your toddler help you.
  • Open up a little suitcase and send your toddler throughout the house to bring back familiar items that you request.
fun activities for toddlers
  • Ask her to bring back a hair brush, for example, and when she does she places it in the suitcase.
  • After collecting a number of items, zip up the suitcase and carry it to a pretend location in your house.
  • Once you arrive, it’s time to unpack your suitcase.
  • Ask the child to remove a particular item from the suitcase and put it back in its proper place in the house.
  • Continue until the suitcase is empty.
  • Don’t forget fun items like teddy bears, blankets, and favorite toys.
  • Ask toddler to pack some silly items like a baking pan or a wooden spoon. Help your child determine the types of items that should be packed and those that don't belong.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #26
Tear It Up

  • Who doesn't love making a mess? And what a fun way to work on fine motor skills!
  • Collect different types and thickness of paper like newspaper, pictures from magazines, tissue paper, wax paper, construction paper, etc.
  • Show your toddler how to tear a piece of paper and listen to the different sounds they make.
  • Let him continue to tear up the paper until it’s too small to do anymore and put the pieces in a container as she goes.
  • Grab a handful of paper pieces from the container and toss them up in the air so it rains down paper.
  • Let her pick up a handful and toss the paper in the air.
  • Wad up a piece of paper and toss it to her.
  • Show her how to wad it up and let her toss a paper wad. You might need to help her wad it up and throw it.
  • When you are done let her help you carry the container to the trashcan and dump it out.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #27
Lunch Bag Blocks

  • Get some empty paper lunch sacks and some old paper like newspaper.
  • Have the toddler wad up pieces of paper and fill up each bag.
  • When each bag is full tape it shut so that it makes a soft, lightweight block.
  • Stack the blocks on top of each other to make a tower and knock it down.
  • Arrange them to make different shapes, numbers, or letters on the floor.
  • Make a road with them.
  • Draw a number, letter, or shape on each one and use them for different games.
  • Stand them up and roll a ball to knock them over.
  • Make a tunnel with them to push a little car through.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #28
Tong Grab

  • Show your toddler how to pick things up with a pair of tongs. He may need to use 2 hands to do this.
  • Scatter some small toys and other lightweight objects on the floor and let him pick up each item using the tongs and place them one at a time into the cups of a muffin tin, egg carton, or ice cube tray.
  • Once the tray is full, dump it out and try it again.
  • Try putting the items into different sizes and shapes of containers.
  • Start sorting by color, shape, and size.
  • Pretend the tongs are a crane. Have child pick up objects that need to be moved to another location.
  • See if toddler can pick up a soft toy and toss it with the tongs.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #29
Happy Feet

fun activities for toddlers
  • Explore walking and running on different types of textures with bare feet.
  • Compare how it feels walking across grass, sand, little pebbles, concrete, pillows, carpet, blankets, etc.
  • Experiment walking in different ways - fast and slow, heavy and soft, like a giant and a mouse.
  • Talk about how the different textures feel.
  • Put some of your shoes in a box and let child pick out a matching pair, put them on, and try walking in them.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #30

  • Fill up a bucket or large bowl with water and put in several items that need to be washed like toys, silverware, plastic cups, etc.
  • Have your child pretend to wash each item with a sponge or washcloth and then set the items out to dry.
  • You could even teach him how to use a small towel and dry the objects.
  • Add bubble bath so the water gets nice and sudsy.
  • Have child wash items using other objects like a toothbrush, potato scrubber, or paint brush.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #31
Hide & Seek

  • This game can be played indoors or out.
  • When your toddler isn’t looking, find an easy place to hide close by so that part of your body is exposed.
  • Tell him to come and find you.
  • Continue talking or singing until your toddler finds you.
  • You can even do it while he’s looking.
  • Hide under a big blanket so your child can see the big lump and pull the blanket off of you.
  • Pretend some of your child's stuffed animals want to hide. Hide one that is easy to find and let your child hunt for it.
  • If you have another person around, the two of you can hide together and let the third person find you.

Fun Activities for Toddlers #32
Popcorn Popper

fun activities for toddlers
  • You need a small blanket or beach towel along with some lightweight balls or paper wads.
  • Hold 2 corners of the blanket and show your child how to hold the other end.
  • Show her how to shake the blanket.
  • Put a beach ball, balloons, paper wads, or ping pong balls on the blanket and shake it so the balls bounce around like popcorn.
  • When all of the balls bounce off let her gather them all and place them back on the blanket for another turn.
  • Shake the blanket with quick, little movements or great big movements.
  • See how high you can bounce the popcorn.

Secrets for a Great Time:

  • Every toddler may not be able to do all of these activities. Make sure to help out whenever necessary to make sure your little one experiences success.
  • Take your time with each activity. Don't rush.
  • Provide plenty of praise when your toddler is successful.
  • Let your imagination go. The more you are able to pretend and act silly, the more fun you will both have.

For a Twist:

  • Use your imagination to modify games using different objects.
  • Include more people in the activities.

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