Free Preschool Games

free preschool games

Free preschool games that get kids moving are often just what excitable kids and tired parents need the most!

Imagi-Motion gives kids an opportunity to do two things they love: to pretend and to have an audience to watch them!

Imagi-Motion is more than just a fun game though...

It helps kids develop locomotor skills and encourages imaginative thinking as well. This is a great game to play with a single child or any number of children.

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Free Preschool Games

Ages: 2-10

No of Players: 1+

Equipment: None

Set Up: Players scatter


These activities allow players to use their imaginations and act out different scenarios using a variety of locomotor movements. Call one out and let one or all of the kids perform the motions together.

  • First time on roller skates
  • Jumping in an ice-cold swimming pool
  • Pinball in a pinball machine
  • A balloon that gets blown up and then released
  • A jet taking off
  • Slipping on a banana peel
  • Walking across a hot sidewalk in bare feet
  • A giant monster
  • Leaping from stone to stone across a river
  • Being pulled by a huge dog on a leash
  • Riding a roller coaster
  • Driving a race car
  • Using a giant crayon to draw a smiley face
  • Walking on railroad tracks
  • Stepping in gum with your left shoe…and then your right shoe
  • Hit a ball and run to first base – then rewind and do it in reverse
  • Dribble down the court and shoot a basketball – then rewind and do it in reverse
  • Catch a football and run for a touchdown – then rewind and do it in reverse
  • An astronaut floating around in a space ship
  • Climbing a rope
  • Running into a wall
  • Monkey swinging through the trees
free preschool games
free preschool games
free preschool games

Preschool Games & Activities

For a Twist:

  • The freer, sillier and more dramatic you are as the leader, the better.
  • If kids are having trouble getting started, act them out yourself and they will have fun imitating and joining in.
  • Think of your own scenarios.
  • Think of scenarios kids can do in pairs.
  • Have kids come up with their own ideas to challenge the others with.
  • Play fun music and background sound effects appropriate for the different movements.

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