Alabama Baseball Camp

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Treat your kids to a fantastic sports camp experience at the Alabama Baseball Camp. Find summer programs for players of all skill levels and discover one of the most unique college baseball camps around. 

Bama Pitching & Position Camps

Open to 9th-12th graders only, these one-day camps are geared to the more serious, skilled players, and they offer an MVP Showcase/Pro-style workout.

To ensure that each camper gets the individual attention, instruction, and playing time a camp of this nature requires, enrollment is limited.

In addition, every pitcher is guaranteed to throw 2 innings in each of the camp scrimmages.

Each player also has a batting swing analysis. His swing is videotaped and broken down frame by frame with every movement analyzed by a coach who gives specific feedback for areas of concern. Campers are able to purchase their video for future reference.

Players receive skill instruction specific to their position in both individual and group settings. And they get to learn from members of the Bama coaching staff as well as top junior college and high school coaches in the area.

Alabama Crimson Tide Experience Elite 40 Camp

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UA is starting something for the first time this summer that sounds like one of the coolest college baseball camps I've ever heard of. They call it the Crimson Tide Experience Elite 40 Camp. Of all of their summer programs, it's the most prestigious camp they run, and it's only open to 9th-12th graders.

The camp is designed to give campers a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like be a University of Alabama baseball player.

They claim that every member of the Bama coaching staff will be in attendance and all players will be treated just like one of the college players for the duration of camp. 

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  • Imagine getting your own locker with your very own name plate above it and your own Alabama workout gear to put inside!
  • See what it's like eating pre-game meals, watching motivational videos, and having access to the players lounge.
  • Hear the music blasting during warm-ups and then hear your name announced over the PA system as you step up to the plate at camp games!

No doubt, this will be the most unique sports camp your kids will ever attend!

Each player also receives a written evaluation of their performance. They cap registration at 40 campers, so if you're interested, you better enroll early!

Bama Youth Baseball Camps

This Alabama baseball camp is for kindergarten-6th graders. It focuses on fundamentals and teaching every aspect of the game. Kids are grouped by age and position for skill instruction and games.

Advanced Alabama Baseball Camp

7th–12th graders also have the option of overnight and showcase camps which focus on more advanced skills.

If you're looking for a very low coach-to-player ratio, check out their semi-private showcase camp. Intended for the most serious players, these very individualized camps are the most expensive of the Alabama baseball camp choices, but they provide the most advanced and personalized training.

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