Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family Kids Camp is the nation’s leading network of summer kids camps for abused, neglected, and abandoned children. RFKC offers one-week resident camps designed to meet the unique and overwhelming needs of these special children 7-11 years of age.

Royal Family Kids Camp

With a ratio of one adult volunteer to every 2 campers, this is a week of building positive memories for these kids as they learn they are loved through intensely supportive interaction with caring, trained adults.

RFKC has a mission to serve 100,000 campers by the year 2030, and they are well on their way to reaching this goal.

As of 2010, they have reached over 63,000 kids. All of their campers are victims of abuse and are living in foster care, group homes or state-approved care.

With the need being so great, how can they possibly make a difference?

They mobilize local churches to recruit and train volunteers as well as sponsor a one-week camp in their local community.

RFKC currently has over 8,000 adult volunteers each year who give up a week of vacation to work with these children. These volunteers also raise money through generous donations from others who have a heart for abused children so these kids can attend camp free of charge.

There are currently 175 RFKC camps in operation – 150 of the camps are located in 33 states across the U.S. The other 25 are international camps held in the countries of South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Peru, Japan, and Chile.

So, who benefits from Royal Family Kids Camp?

Well… Everyone!

For the campers, RFKC:

  • provides a powerful week of positive memories where kids can just be kids.
  • shows a picture of family life for those who haven’t experienced it – kids see that a positive relationship with a loving adult is possible.
  • replaces missing elements of their lives, like attention, affirmation, and happiness, as well as basic living needs like food, clothing, and emotional connectedness.
  • plants the seeds of hope into their lives – they learn that they can succeed and break the cycle of abuse.

But the benefits don’t just stop there…

The caregivers of these children are given a much-needed week of respite and a chance to get re-energized for their important work.

And just as important... the volunteers are blessed.

Anyone who has given of themselves to help someone in need knows the blessing that comes from serving others.

RFKC brings the church and local community together for a common cause. It builds faith in the members involved, expands the church into the community, and allows members in the church who have suffered abuse to use their past experiences to benefit others.

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