High School Football Camp

high school football

A high school football camp can be the perfect choice for kids camps.

These summer camps for kids can be affordable, close by, and run by professionals. They make great summer activities for your football player.

Here are some characteristics to consider when selecting a football summer camp for kids.

First, a good rule of thumb is the more specific the age grouping, the better. youth football

Sometimes a high school football camp will only serve upcoming 7-9 graders, but many will have a separate session for younger players.

It's nice when kids camps have separate sessions for different age groups, and this is especially desirable in football camps because of the difference a few years can make in terms of individual player size and strength.

Another great thing about these types of football camps is they are usually reasonably priced.

Part of the price break may be due to a fairly short schedule.

Since football camps are usually held just prior to football season, right in the hottest time of the year, the camp's schedule will usually run either early in the morning before the heat of the noon sun or later after sundown.

A couple of hours each day of physically demanding exercise are plenty at that time of the year.

Another reason for the reasonable pricing is that most high schools want as many of their future players to attend camp as possible.

Especially for the upcoming 9th graders, a week at camp becomes almost an extension of the upcoming season.

An additional positive aspect of a high school camp is that the local school facilities will generally be used. Texas football

A school's facility should be hazard-free and have all the conveniences of restrooms and perhaps even the option to use an air-conditioned gymnasium if the weather doesn't cooperate.

One of the best reasons to send your athlete to a high school football camp is because of the coaching staff.

The coaching staff will probably consist of the high school and junior high/middle school coaches in your school district.

high school football camp

This means the coaches are trained and at least some of them will have many years of coaching experience.

Especially because of the safety concerns you may have about football, a trained coach can help prevent injuries and can teach young athletes the safe way to perform skills.

Often the camp coaching staff will also include a trainer to attend to injuries and generally watch out for the health of the athletes.

All in all, a high school football camp is a great choice among all the kids camps out there. If you are considering football camps, definitely check out your local high school program first.

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