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A perfect dish for kids who love Tag!

Why is this a fun game?

Free kids games like Sharks and Killer Whales are great games to introduce to your kids because they help give everyone equal time to play, and they don't require anyone to keep score. This game is a bit of a cardiovascular workout, (but you want them to sleep at some point, right??) but the elements of suspense and surprise make it a fun way to burn energy!

Recipes for Play!
Serves: ages 5+ # Servings: 10-30 kids Prep: <5 mins


  • None

Set Up:

  • Divide players into 2 groups – “sharks” and “killer whales.”
  • Teams line up on opposite ends of the playing field.
  • Select one person from each team to be the team leader. The team leader faces the opponents.


  • The sharks turn their backs to the killer whales who sneak up close to the sharks. When they are close, the head shark gives the signal, “Here come the killer whales,” and the sharks turn and chase the killer whales back to their line, trying to tag as many killer whales as possible.
  • Those tagged become sharks.
  • Repeat, reversing roles for the sharks and the killer whales. The killer whales turn their backs to the sharks. When the sharks are close, the head killer whale gives the signal, “Here come the sharks!” and the killer whales give chase.
  • Those tagged become killer whales.

Secrets for a Great Dish:
  • Emphasize controlled stops.
  • Make sure kids understand how to reverse their paths quickly to avoid being run over.
  • Encourage kids to sneak up pretty close. If they lag too far behind, it doesn’t make for a good chase.
  • Make sure players with backs turned are not cheating by looking over their shoulders.
  • If the teams get too large, collisions will result as kids get tripped up when they reverse directions.
  • Wait until opponents get close before calling the signal.
  • Make sure end lines are far enough away from walls, so players have time to stop before hitting the wall.

For a Twist:
  • For larger groups, divide into more teams with other names, “piranhas, barracudas, sting rays,” etc and rotate teams after each chase.
  • Vary the type of locomotor movements that players use.

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