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Duck & Run

A perfect dish for kids who like to play Dodgeball games!

Why is this a great game?

Free kid games like Duck & Run are the perfect outlet for a group of wild kids to burn some energy! Duck and Run is a twist on Dodgeball, but it's a little more controlled and no one ever has to sit out.

Recipes for Play!
Serves: ages 6+ # Servings: 8-30 kids Prep: <10 mins


  • 1 Nerf ball for each thrower

Set Up:

  • Divide players into 2 teams.
  • Put the teams at opposite ends of a rectangular playing area. (When it is their turn, the players will attempt to run to the other end without getting hit by a ball.)
  • Select 2 players from each team to be “throwers.” The throwers should be positioned on the sidelines near center court, on their team’s half. The throwers from each team should be placed directly across from each other, so there is a thrower on each side of the rectangle. Each of the throwers has a ball.
  • The rest of the team members stand on opposite ends of the playing area, and they are numbered consecutively.


  • The leader calls one or two numbers and those players move through the playing area to exchange sides.
  • The throwers try to throw the balls and hit the moving players on the opposite team as they try to cross the area.
  • The throwers can retrieve balls thrown their direction and try to hit any remaining runners.
  • Hits in the head do not count.
  • After all the numbers are called, select new throwers.


  • 1 point is awarded for every player on the opposing team that the thrower hits.
  • Play to a predetermined number of points or see who has the most points at the end of a certain time period.


Modifications for players less than 6 years old

  • Use a smaller playing field.
  • Only have 1 team go at a time to minimize the chance of collisions.

Modifications for less than 8 players

  • Divide into teams if possible, and have 1 thrower for each team.
  • Make it a game of the thrower vs. everyone else. Give the thrower a bunch of balls so he can have several attempts before having to chase down the balls.
  • Give the leader all of the balls to be the thrower and let her go against all the kids.

Secrets for a Great Dish:
  • Players must cross their end line and enter the field of play as soon as their number is called. They cannot hang behind the line and wait because that really slows the game down.
  • Keep track of the numbers as they are called, so players get the same number of turns.
  • Caution: Players are moving across the field in opposite directions, which could lead to collisions.

For a Twist:
  • Allow throwers to move up and down the sideline.
  • Give the throwers more balls.
  • If a player gets hit, they are out of the game. (Maybe they can join the throwers on the sideline.) The winner is the last player or team left in the game.

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