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A perfect dish for kids who like to play Dodgeball games!

Why is this a fun game?

Active family fun games like Bombardment are fun because they combine classic games that we all know and love in new ways. This game changes an all-time favorite, Dodgeball, by giving teams a target to knock down.

Make sure you check out the Twists on this game and all of our family fun games, too! There you will find great ideas to play this as more of a target game and less of a dodging game.

Recipes for Play!

Serves: ages 8+ # Servings: 10-30 Prep: 10 mins


  • 1 8-inch ball per 4 players
  • 12 targets (milk cartons, pins, pieces of wood or pool noodles – anything that can stand up easily and be knocked down with a ball)

Set Up:

  • Divide the players into 2 teams. Each team is scattered on its half of the playing area.
  • Set up 6 targets equally spaced along the back boundary line for each team.
  • Designate a small area to be jail on each end of the court. The jail should be a small square area about in the middle of the each half of the court. (Players go to the jail on their opponent's side of the court.)
  • The balls are split evenly between the teams to start the game.


  • Each team attempts to throw or roll the balls to knock down the opposing team’s targets. Once down, the target remains down until the end of the game.
  • If players accidentally knock down pins on their own side, they remain down.
  • The team with the most targets standing at the end of the playing period wins.
  • If walls surround your playing area, you can decide if you want to allow balls bouncing off the walls to knock over your pins.
  • Players can try to guard their targets, but they must either dodge a ball coming from an opponent or catch it cleanly either in the air or on the ground. If they drop it, they go to jail.
  • Players also try to hit members of the opposing team with the ball. If a ball hits a player before it hits the floor, that player goes to jail on their opponent’s side of the court.

    • Jail Rules:
    • Players must remain in jail until they are able to catch a ball in the air while in jail. They can try to catch any balls that come their way, but they cannot step out of the jail to do so.
    • If they catch one in the air, they can leave jail and bring the ball with them back to their side of the court.
    • If a prisoner gets the ball in jail but doesn’t catch it in the air, he has to stay in jail, but he can throw the ball back to a teammate on his side of the court. He may not knock down an opponent’s target from jail.
    • Members of the opposing team may not enter the other team’s jail to get the ball or interfere with a pass. It is perfectly okay to intercept the ball as long as they stay completely outside the jail.


  • Modifications for players less than 8 years old: Don’t use jail. Use a smaller court if necessary so targets are easier to hit.
  • Mofidifications for less than 10 players: Don't use jail. If you hit a player on the opposite team, you get to stand up one of your targets instead of sending that player to jail.

Secrets for a Great Dish:
  • The ultimate goal is to knock over the other team’s targets. However, by hitting opponents with the ball and sending them to jail there are less people available to block the targets. Players can decide on their strategy.
  • If a player wants to get a teammate out of jail, he can choose to throw the ball to the prisoner instead of trying to knock down a target or hitting an opponent.
  • Players that hover close to their targets risk the chance of knocking them over and/or getting hit with the ball and going to jail.

For a Twist:
  • Take away the jail and only try to knock down the other team’s targets instead of hitting people. You could move the targets closer to the mid-line and have players play behind them so they can’t block them.

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