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A perfect dish for kids who like to play Tag!

Why is this a fun game?

Family fun activities like Foxes & Hounds are great family reunion activities, party games, or anytime you have a large group, because they enable a bunch of people to participate, even if some aren't able to run around.

For energetic kids, a tag game is always a hit, especially one with lots of bases, and Foxes & Hounds is a fun family version of tag.

Recipes for Play!
Serves: ages 5+ # Servings: 10-30 kids Prep: <10 mins


  • None

Set Up:

  • Split up players into groups of 3 - 1 person is the “fox” and the other 2 hold hands to become a “tree.”
  • Select a couple players to be “hounds” and a couple extras to be “foxes” without trees.
  • Scatter the trees throughout the playing area with the foxes standing in between their clasped hands.


  • The hounds are “It” and try to tag any foxes that are outside of trees. Foxes may go into a tree to escape.
  • Only one fox may be in a tree at a time, so when a fleeing fox enters a tree, the fox already there must leave.
  • If the hound tags the fox, the two exchange places, with the former fox becoming the hound.
  • After a few tries, have the fox change places with one member of the tree and again later to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be a fox.

Secrets for a Great Dish:
  • Make sure you select enough hounds to keep the game exciting without wearing out the hounds.
  • You might need to do away with a couple of trees and add more free foxes if there aren’t enough foxes out loose.
  • Make boundaries to limit the playing area.
  • You can include players who need to be stationary as trees!

For a Twist:
  • Have foxes and hounds move with different locomotor movements like skipping or galloping.

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